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IAAF Pilot Project - Athletics At School 27rd 31 rd December 2012
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Development Strategy Seminar for Women 01rd 03 rd November 2012
IAAF CECS Level IV Refreshers Workshop for Jumps 24rd – 27th September 2012
IAAF CECS Level I Lecturers Course 20rd – 25th April 2012
IAAF Area race Walking Judge Evaluation for ASIA 23rd – 24th October 2011
Board Meeting RDC Jakarta 25rd October 2011
IAAF  Area Starters Course 26rd - 28rd October 2011


Approaching the end of 2012, RDC Jakarta was running the Pilot Project - Athletics at school on the 27th – 31st of December 2012. The Project were participated by 24 Coaches from 12 Member Federations as follows:
1. Azizi Abdul Karim + Ahmed Feroz Sakhizada (AFG)
2. Ms. Mahbuba Hossain Baly + Sreenibash Halder(BAN)
3. Chimoria Birendra + Jambay (BHU)
4. M. Halimin bin Shahbuddin + Sukardi bin Kaderi (BRU)
5. Hun Borey+ Deian Vibol (CAM)
6. Nanang Kusuma + Tan Sioe Chen (INA)
7. Sanjay Chauhan + Amit Kadian (IND)
8. Abbas Fatih + Karim Manafi Param (IRI)
9. Ahmed Shageef + Madih Ismail (MDV)
10. Arjun Chhetri + Zaheer Ahmad Khan (NEP)
11. Bienvenido Contapay + Ms. Jeanette Obiena (PHI)
12. Cristovão Pereira + Elias de Deus (TLS)

Mr. Gunter Lange of Germany was appointed by the IAAF to conduct the Project.

The Pilot Project was discussing about the Kids Athletics at the elementary schools. After completion of the Project the Participants must apply the Kids Athletics to at least 10 elementary schools at their each countries. They have to socialize the Kids Athletics system to PE teachers as well.

The Project was not only explaining about the Kids’ Athletics but also creating the alternative equipment which are made of simple materials or even used ones and very cheap cost.

The Project was finished on 31 December by delivering the “Certificate of Attendance” to all Participants .
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